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 Tag team championship

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PostSubject: Tag team championship   Tag team championship Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 8:17 am

Skullking and Orge walk up to the door of the GMs office but just before Skullking kicks the door down Orge stops him.

Orge:Skullking let me handle this. I dont want to be kicked out and if there is one thing your good at its geting us kicked out of the GMs office.

Orge knocks on the door.

Septic:Come in.

Orge and skullking enter the office.

Septic:Oh its you two what do you want.

Orge:We want to get a shot at the tag tittles.

Septic:I see you two are no were near a tittle shot and before i even think about giving you one your going to have to prove to me that you are a good tag team.

Orge:We will fight anyone just name the place and time.

Septic:As i was saying before you interupted tonight you two will face umm.

An evil grin appears on septics face.

Septic:Yung$$ and DgenerationX.

Orge:But there our frends we ca....

Septic:Exactly my point they are your frends. A true champion is prepared to do anything and everything to keep the belt around there weist including take on there frends. Now get out of my office.

Orge walks out of the office.

Septic:Skullking is there something you want to say or have you just forgoten were the door is.

Skullking pulls a match out of his pocket and starts fidling with it and stareing at it.

Skullking:I hope we do get a tittle shot eventualy. It would be such a shame if this office should acedentaly burn down.

Skullking leaves the office.
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Troy Hansen Jr.

Troy Hansen Jr.

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PostSubject: Re: Tag team championship   Tag team championship Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 2:16 pm

*Troy Hansen overhears Skullking as he walks by the office door. As he meets the door Skullking comes flying out and crashes into Hansen*

TH: "Haven't you heard what happened to the last guy who burnt down Septic's office?"

Skullking: "Butt out cowboy, it's none of your business!"
TH: "Shut it kid! If you burn down the office it will be my business... It'll be everyones! The last guy who burnt down Septic's ended up being beaten by virtually the entire roster... He got beat so bad he couldn't remember his own name, and didn't know who it was on the other side of the mirror! And for what it's worth it was a mirror in Mexico!"
Skullking: "Just butt out jerkoff!"

*SKullking pushes Troy out of the way and skulks off muttering under his breath...*

[OOC: Link -- Look at these Rules. Oh, and you're not burning the office down it's happened before]
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Tag team championship
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