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 In the Ring (Ripper Debut promo/Match request)

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In the Ring (Ripper Debut promo/Match request) Empty
PostSubject: In the Ring (Ripper Debut promo/Match request)   In the Ring (Ripper Debut promo/Match request) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2008 12:14 am

JT- Hello everyone and welcome back to X-Rated Wrestling, we’ve had some great action thus far up to this point and we—

Voice: Ok, do me a huge favor right now and shut the **** up, both of you, I’ve always had a problem with announce teams and I can already tell this cane will find its home upside one of your heads.

Spanky: Who are you anyway? Why don’t you come say this to our faces punk!

Voice: Gladly! Lower me down ****!

A man is lowered down from the rafters, a cane is strapped to his back, and he looks to be dressed more like a fan than an actual performer. Without hesitation he un-hooks himself around 10 feet landing cleanly on the mat below, launching himself over the top rope again landing on his feet right in front of the announce table…

Voice: I’m like a **** cat sometimes, I even amaze myself.

JT-Well you really didn’t amaze us last week; you looked like a local jobber out there the way you were wrestling, no promo, no entrance, no music, and no light show—

Voice: Let me cut you off right there pal, I had hardly been here for two seconds before I was thrown into the ring, but you know what, that was then and this promo right here, is now, I’m bringing my way of life to X-Rated Wrestling like I had done before with a certain other fed that I cannot mention, they’re watching me…and by me…I mean “The Ripper” Tyler Slaon, also known as Braith Former. Long story short, I’m not here to make friends, I’m not here to win titles, I’m here to shake this place to its **** foundation…starting with the announcers table...

Spanky: What about us!?

Ripper: Shut the **** up and let me **** finish, starting next week, I will go right on back to my old routine becoming a part time announcer and interviewer, other then that my first target will be the **** **** Chris Tatum, you got in the way of my first victory and I am hereby issuing an A and B challenge: I don’t really know if you all would be up for this BUT I’m gonna say it anyway, Sapphire, I notice your in a very similar position here and I am going to purpose that we—team up next week against **** numbers 1 and 2; and for those of you who are a bit slow tonight, Chris Tatum and The Human Torch!. Choice B however is a bit different, Tatum, you meet me up in my world, the rafters, for a little something called a Rafter Dive, meaning, the first one to fall from the rafters, loses! Personally I’m up for anything but I’m leaving the final choice up to you Chris, and I’ll except my answer by sometime either tonight or next week, got that? Peachey!

Without another word he places the mic on the announcers table, rolls back into the ring and raises himself back up to the rafters.

JT- Well…that’s something I guess

Spanky: Yeah, we’ll have to await his answer until next week, stay tuned for that XRW fans.

The picture fades out and cuts to a commercial break
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In the Ring (Ripper Debut promo/Match request)
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