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 Lost episode from a while ago ...

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Lost episode from a while ago ... Empty
PostSubject: Lost episode from a while ago ...   Lost episode from a while ago ... Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 9:31 pm

* The camera zooms in on the backs of both Skiellor and Marabuntha, sitting on the pavement outside the parkinglot *

Skiellor: "I have something to confess Marabuntha ... And you're not gonna like it ..."

Mara: " You're not gonna turn face are ya? If so, I'm gonna kick you @$$ so hard, you'll swallow your eyeballs!"

Skiellor: "No no, don't worry. But it's not pretty ..."

Mara: "Just spit it out Skiellor, you know how I hate secrets!"

Skiellor: "Well ... Us ... You an me, teaming up. It was fun and all, we sure had a lot of fun."

Mara: "Had?"

Skiellor: "I think we should split up Marabuntha ... it's for the best."

Mara: "Why? What did I do? I can change man, I know I can!"

Skiellor: "No, you don't have to change ... It's me! I found someone else!"

Mara: "Someone else? Who is it? Do I know him? Is he any good?"

Skiellor: "That doesn't matter now. But don't worry man, you gonna find someone new! Someone that's better for you than I could ever be!"

Mara: "That sucks man ... That sucks big time!"

*Marabuntha gets up and walks away, without looking back*
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Lost episode from a while ago ...
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