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 We want answers

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PostSubject: We want answers   We want answers Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 12:50 am

The door in septics office is kicked open then Skullking and Orge walk in.

Septic:"What the hell do you two want."

Skullking:"WE WANT ANSWERS!"

Septic:"What the hell are you talking about."

Orge:"We want to know why you split Yung$$ from us in the draft. Are you trying to get rid of W.D.L?"

Septic:"Get out of my office."

Skullking and Orge turn around and walk out the door


Skullking walks back into the office and slams his fists down on the desk.


Septic:"Congratulations on beating Filth. I was talking to him befour and he wants revenge so im thinking a tag team match W.D.L VS Filth and a partner of his choice.


Skullking walks out of the office.
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We want answers
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