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 W.D.L take out Bagheads Brother

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W.D.L take out Bagheads Brother Empty
PostSubject: W.D.L take out Bagheads Brother   W.D.L take out Bagheads Brother Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 8:25 am

Bagheads Brother walks down to the ring.

BB:Last week me and my brother were attacked 3 on 1 and my brother was left injured.

A video starts playing on the titantron


The Bagheads are walking down towards the GMs office.

Yung$$: Hey Bagheads, you and me 2 on 1 right here right now.

Both Bagheads at the same time: Bring it.

Yung$$ turns around and starts running towards the parking lot.

Bagheads brother: Get him!!!

The Bagheads chase him into the parking lot and corner him.

Baghead: We're gonna teach you a lesson in pain ha ha ha ha.

Skullking hits bagheads brother in the back off the head with a lead pipe executing a HARDCORE lead pipe shot! Then he swings for Baghead but baghead quickly gets out of the way.

Baghead: Damb it was an ambush.

Skullking picks up a second pipe an gives it to Yung$$

Skullking:Ha ha ha ha ha. GET HIM.

Skullking and Yung$$ chase Baghead through the parking lot but Baghead gets away and just after he runs through the door a loud THUMP is heard and Baghead falls back through the door and onto the ground.

Yung$$: What the.

Orge walks through the door holding a heavy sledge hammer and his head bandaged up.

Skullking: HA HA HA. Nice one.

Orge: Ha ha ha Baghead you are garbage.

Orge picks up Baghead and chucks him in a garbage can then slams the lid down.

Orge: And thats where garbage belongs. Ha ha ha.

Skullking and Yung$$ dodge a chair shot from Bagheads Bother then Yung$$ gets behind him and he hits him in the back of the knee with his pipe executing a Mortal lead pipe shot! At the same time Skullking hits him in the neck with his executing a Mortal lead pipe shot! They then pick him up and toss him through the window of the closest car.

Skullking: Ha ha ha that was to easy.

Skullking shakes Orges hand.

JT: Hah! How funny was it seeing BAGHEAD in the trash!
Spanky: Not that funny actually... Unfortunately folks, I've just been told that BAGHEAD has had his contract mutually terminated! Don't crack jokes about that beating folks, unfortunately the blows with the lead pipes to BAGHEAD left him in a coma, and after a compensation agreement, his representatives have come to terms over the ending of his contract...


The video fades out.

BB:Skullking Yung$$ Orge you damb well know that you are responsable for my brother geting injured and you are responsable for his contract geting terminated so tonight i want to face one of you 1 on 1 and i will get my revenge and i will de...

Skullkings theme music starts to play.

Bagheads Brother stares at the titantron with an angry look on his face. Skullking Yung$$ and Orge run out of the crowd behind Bagheads Brother and befour Bagheads Brother realises where they are Orge grabs a steel chair and hits Baghead Brother with it cutting his head then Yung$$ places him in a fireman's carry and proceed to drop his opponent in front of them
and lifts a knee up striking his opponent in the face while he's falling executing a devastating Money On My Mind then

skullking puts his opponent on his shoulders
and throws himself backward, trampling him with devastating Dead Man Drop!!
Yung$$ takes Bagheads Brothers mic.

Yung$$:I dont think we want to hear from you again.

Yung$$ gives the mic to Orge.

Orge:And unless you want to join your brother your out of this ring.

Bagheads Brother slowly gets up and gets out of the ring then Orge gives the mic to Skullking

Skullking:By the way i accept your challenge so it will be Skullking Vs Bagheads Brother. Now lets get to the more important issues W.D.L. still needs 1 more member we were considering DgenerationX but after last week we have realised that he is simply pathetic and he is never going to join W.D.L. so any one in the locker room who hates jerks like him (skullking points to Bagheads brother) and is looking for a stable to join then just talk to us.

The fans start chanting W D L W D L and the 3 members of W.D.L. walk back stage.

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W.D.L take out Bagheads Brother
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