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 Blood test results

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PostSubject: Blood test results   Blood test results Icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2008 10:56 pm

Jane is reading a document over and over again as the door opens...

"Well, Ratched, where's me paper? Now give it here 'fore I smash ya, MWAHAHA!"

Jane smiles and turns around, "Silly. How are you doing, Titanictus",
they exchange a hug before she speaks again but Titanictus stops her, "Hold madam! How dare you speak about work before I give you... this!",
Titanictus uncovers a Chocolate Babka cake he was hiding behind his back, "Ta-DA!", he says with a smile.
"Oh, you sweetie, my favorite! Thanks!"
"So. How about my blood results?"
"Well, you're in the clear. I do hope they renew your contract."
"So do I, Jane. I even already set up the buffet in the lounge again. ...I should take it to Septic. Enjoy your cake, love... Cheers"
"Thanks, I will", Jane smiles, "Oh, Titanictus?..."
"Watch the sugar levels on your bloodstream... You're still too sweet for this business..."
"I know, I know... don't worry, I won't tell anyone. GO!"

Titanictus waves with a smile and heads for Septic's office.
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Blood test results
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