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 A match please

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A match please Empty
PostSubject: A match please   A match please Icon_minitimeTue Sep 16, 2008 6:58 pm

DgenerationX knocks the door
DgenerationX:Hey Septic......
Septic:Listen....if you wanna play any of you stupid pranks on me....I hope you remember last weeks Beating
DgenerationX:Ya...ya....anyway....i wanted to ask you for a match
DgenerationX:welllll.....you've already put me through my fresh meat......i guess..i want to fight someone my own division now....
DgenerationX:ummmm....There's that baghead bloke...and Yung$$...
Septic:Well....i had thought of putting you against Skullking this week but i'll think again....
DgenerationX:thanks mate...
DgenerationX leaves office
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A match please
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