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 at the wrong place at the wrong time

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at the wrong place at the wrong time Empty
PostSubject: at the wrong place at the wrong time   at the wrong place at the wrong time Icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2008 8:13 pm

*Sharpshooter walks around at the parking lot at midnight,as suddenly a man approuches him*
????:"Hello there sharpshooter."
Sharpshooter:"Hello,um how do you know my name?"
????:"Ow you know me you just dont recognize me because its a bit dark,I am also a member of x-rw."
Sharpshooter:"Cool,hey speaking about a bit dark i hear there are some strange things going around."
????:"Yes,indeed there are some dissapearences going on."
Sharpshooter:"Well,who ever is doing all of this is a coward and that's why i came here i am gonna find him and i'm gonna end it all."
????:"So you wanna find him?Well look no further."
Sharpshooter:"What do you mean?"
*The man grabs sharpshooter and executes a LEGENDARY powerbomb on him,he then grabs his throat and starts choking him out until the blood is appearing on his face.*
????:"You have found him."

*The next morning Marabuntha walks towars his car as he finds a strange note.*
"Once they have all been taken out i will take what is mine and you will all bow for the king of kings.All of the x-treme title contenders are now officially in my game.And once you play the game you are going to start dieing in pain.*
Marabuntha:"Hm another victom,i can't really say that i am sad about this.He might still be of use to me somehow,after all he still has to reward me for bringing him back.
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at the wrong place at the wrong time
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