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 Skullking Smash V2

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PostSubject: Skullking Smash V2   Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:59 am

Skullking is walking through the parking lot with a slege hammer.

Skullking:Were the hell is it hey its DgenerationX i'll ask him.

Skullking runs towards DgenerationX.

Skullking:Hey DX can you tell me were your car is.

DX:Sure its that one over there. Hey hold on are you going to smash it with that hammer.


DX:Ok see ya.

Skullking walks towards DgenerationXs car.

DX:Wate a minute. Skullking get back here!! Mad

Skullking smashes the window and gets in DgenerationXs car then drives out of the building.DgenerationX Breaks into another car and chases skullking.

Septic:what the DX!! get your damb ass back here with my car Mad when i get my hands on you DX im going to kick your ass so hard.

skullking is driveing DXs car through town and DX is diving beside him.

DX:Skullking pull over right now.

Skullking:Ha ha ha ha ha. Nope Twisted Evil

DX:Damb it skullking just stop the car.


Skullking drives the car off a bridge but gets out at the last minute so he doesnt fall into the river. DX slams on the breaks but he is to late and septic car falls into the river.

Skullking:HA ha ha ha ha ha.

DX drags himself out of the river.

Skullking:HA Ha ha ha ha DX you wet your pants HA HA HA HA HA.

DX:Skullking you said you were going to stop the car.

Skullking.I did stop it you never said were to stop it.

Skullking looks into the river.

Skullking:Oh man you totaled septics car and he only just got that one to replace the one i destroyed man he is going to be mad.

DX:Skullking i am going to kill you.

Skullking:To late im already dead Ha ha ha see ya.

There is a small explosion and skullking disapears.

back in the parking lot.

Septic:Damb it DX better bring that car back in one peace.

there is a small explosion and skull king appears out of no were.

Septic:What the! Were did you come from? Weres DX? Is my car ok? Is DX ok? I hope hes not.

Skullking:Calm down Septic dont worry DX is not ok.

Septic: Thank god.

Skullking:But your car.

Septic:Oh no. Dont tell me DX drove it off a bridge.

Skullking:Hey how did you know.

Septic:He did drive it off a bridge!! I am going to kill him.

Skullking:here try using this.

Skullking hands Septic the hammer he used to smash the window.

Skullking:Oh and by the way i know i have been going on about wanting to face Toxic Avenger But it would be much more fun to fight DX HA HA HA HA se ya.
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BAGHEAD''s brother

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PostSubject: Re: Skullking Smash V2   Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:58 pm

BAGHEAD''s brother was just walking to the lounge when he heard about Scepic's car so he went to the parking lot where Sceptic was enraged at what had happened
Sceptic:Im gonna kill DX, that was my second car.

BAGHEAD''s brother: Hey man, im sorry about your car but it was'nt DXs fault. He told me that Skullking stole his car and unfortuanatly he stole your car and chased after him. So anyway, skullking drove DX's car over a bridge and into the river.DX said he slammed the brakes on but it was too late so your car ended up at the bottom of the river. So if you want to kill anyone it should be Skullking and if you won't i will because he has been really anoying me lately.

Sceptic:Thankyou BB for that information now if you don't mind i have some phone calls to make.

BAGHEAD''s brother:No problem Sceptic, see you later.
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PostSubject: Re: Skullking Smash V2   Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:41 am

Skullking walks up to septic

Skullking:Hey i herd that bagheads brother told you that DX told him that it was my fault. well let me tell you something it aint my fault your really going to beleive him he has coused nothing but trouble since he got here and dx have you seen the mess he made in you office with that spray can you cant trust them and im telling you IT WASENT MY DAMB FAULT

Skullking walks off in a bad mood
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PostSubject: Re: Skullking Smash V2   Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:30 pm

Skullking:Baghead,i'm in a really bad mood
BB:I just met DX...you hurt him bad.....Anyway i just got your new Action figuire...DX gave me....Is it true that it's not washed off yet??
Skullking:What the!!!
BB:And Septic told me that your picture with DX painted on your Butt is Selected as The Logo for the next PPV!!
Skullking:What the Hell!!!!!
Skullking Is just about to attack Baghead when DX Bangs His Car into Skullking
DX:You'd wanna Move outta the way Skullking!!!!Oh Hi Baghead!!
DX get's out of his car
DX:Poor Bloke.....First He get's humiliated in the public...then his car get's blown up....then this.......what else could happen to him???
BB:your right........
DX:Too bad......wanna go an' paint Suck it all over his locker???
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PostSubject: Re: Skullking Smash V2   

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Skullking Smash V2
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