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 the situation getting out of control

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the situation getting out of control Empty
PostSubject: the situation getting out of control   the situation getting out of control Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 8:05 pm

*Angels wrath walks into the office and sees that the curtains are closed and all the lights are off,the room was dark so dark that he could barely see the man sitting in the chair*
Angels wrath:"Hello sir,um Septic?
????:"No i'm not Septic but please sit down young man i'll close the door for you."
Angels wrath:"Thank you listen,i was thinking about giving me a match you know a big one it's been a long time since i got one,can you give me one please?"
????:"I can arrange that yes,indeed you need another big match."
Angels wrath:"Exactly you see i wanna prove my self so i was thinking maybe i should face Justin Case ore Falahid?If that is possible ofcourse."
????:"O that is possibale i will give you a match against Falahid,you can leave now."
Angels wrath:"Thank you sir,by the way who are you?"
????:"I can give you your match that is all you need to know."
Angels wrath:"fine."
*Angels wrath goes to the door and tries to leave."
Angels wrath:"Er sir,the door is locked?"
????:"Well i gues you have to find another way out then here let me help you."

*KOG Jimmy The Animal and Septic are walking towards the x-rw as they suddenly see a Angels Wrath been trown out of the window from the gm's office.*
Jimmy:"What the hell another victom?"
KOG:"This is bad stuf guys."
Septic:"Lets go check it out."
Jimmy:"I will check on Angels Wrath."
KOG:"I will check the gm's office."
Septic:"I will call the police!"
Jimmy:"Are you serious?"
KOG:"WTF is wrong with you?"
Septic:"Just kidding guys."
*Jimmy goes checking on Angels Wrath and KOG goes to the gm's office as Septic calls the police."Jimmy:"This one looks bad even worse then the others!I dont know if Jane will be able to get this guy better."*KOG enters the gm's office but he sees no one there,but however there is a little note there*
"Your worst nightmare is back!"
Police:"Hello how can i help you?"
Septic:"Hello yes there has been a man throw out of the window please help!"
Police:"Is this another joke?I'm hanging up i had it with you kids you think we believe you?"
*The police hangs up and Septic throws his cellfone away.*
Septic:"The police does nothing these days."
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the situation getting out of control
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