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 some trouble this is

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PostSubject: some trouble this is   Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:24 pm

*Jimmy the Animal walks to the parking lot as he hears some noise,when he arrives he sees a strange man lifting up und3rb3st and then the man trows him down with what looks like a chokeslam*
*Jimmy runs towards und3rb3st as the man walks of.*
Jimmy:"Hey!Wait,who are you!?Why did you do this!"
Strange man:"Soon you will be a victum to!"
*The man runs away into an dark ally.*
*Jimmy tries to cath up but he lost track of him.*
Jimmy:"Wow that was strange:i'd better take und3rb3st to Jane."
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J the A

J the A

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PostSubject: Re: some trouble this is   Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:17 pm

*Jimmy walks in to see Und3rb3st*

JTA: Hey, just checking in to see how your doing.

Jane: He'll do find. Did you see who did this?

JTA: No, he was in the shadows, but I think it might be Evil Devil to mess with me. I'll keep a eye on them though. See ya Und3rb3st.

*Jimmy the Animal walks out.*
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The King Of Gangsters

The King Of Gangsters

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PostSubject: Re: some trouble this is   Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:04 pm

KOG happens to walk past Jimmy as he leaves and they smile at each other...

KOG:"Hey Jane, Und3rb3st... I got another victim... This is strange... ill try to get to the bottome of this..."

Jane:' A 3rd victim... This guy isn't going to rest is he? Who is it?"

KOG:"Ill be right back... and put him down outside the room on that table..."

KOG Leaves the room and then enters once again with a familiar face and body on his shoulders... Covered in blood KOG Puts down DADDY DEATH infront of jane...

Jane:" Its Daddy Death? This guy is quite the mysterious... he's been able to do this to top professionel wrestlers like Und3rb3st, Evil Dave and now Daddy death!"

KOG:" I know... but no need to worrie becuase ill get 'im before he ambushes anyone else!but he managed to get into Daddy Deaths Gym room with out leaving a single print or piece or evidence?.. I got people on the case..."

Kog Smiles at Jane as she gets to work and leaves the room Pondering to himself

The More The Active The More The Chances !!!!
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J the A

J the A

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PostSubject: Re: some trouble this is   Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:30 pm

*Back at the parking lot.*

KOG: Hey Jimmy, what are we doing here.

JTA: Were here because we need t find that punk who keeps on attacking everyone.

*KOG and Jimmy look around*

JTA: Did you find him yet.

KOG: No, you wanna just call it a...

* Jimmy inturupts KOG*

JTA: Wait there he is.

*Jimmy and KOG run towards the strange person*

KOG: Oh my god, he has Vmak.

*Jimmy and KOG didn't make it in time and the strange man slams Vmak on a car and Vmak starts gush out blood*

JTA: Damn, he got away.

KOG: Come on, lets take him to Jane.

*They go back to the Physio*
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PostSubject: Re: some trouble this is   

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some trouble this is
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