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 Skullking Smash

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PostSubject: Skullking Smash   Skullking Smash Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 5:33 am

Skullking is walking through the car park wistling and carrying a baseball bat.

Skullking:Look at all these pathetic cars just begging to be smashed.

He walks over to a very expensive looking car and smash's all the windows.

Skullking:Oh no thers a dent in the door but not to worry i can buff that out.

He repetedly hits the door untill it falls off.

Skullking:Oh well. I wonder if its got a good motor?

Skullking starts looking at the motor.

Skullking:I know what will get this going faster.

Skullking walks off and comes back 20 minutes later with a weelbarow full of explosives.

Skullking:This should do the trick.

Septic:Hey you punk get away from my car.

Skullking:Gota go.

Skullking runs off just as Septic reaches his car.

Septic:Damb my car this cost alot of money when i find him i will kill him.

Just as he stops talking the he hears a click and the explosives go off blowing Septics car to peaces.

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Skullking Smash
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