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 An Open Letter

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PostSubject: An Open Letter   An Open Letter Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 6:44 pm


Although I was working on the match I was constantly checking the forum as I was copieing and pasteing you did not atempt to pm me or put anything on chatbox my name is always at the bottom of the forum page as online because I am always around (bar sleeping and sh1ting)

That is part of the point you did not even attempt to contact me

The reason you are not fired from admin (as this is not a case of banishment from the roster) is MTX is offline and only he can remove your privilages

as believe me if it was down to me you would be

I spoke to MTX and told him what I was doingand that I would be finished by monday night he really liked the Idea as this was his mates (destiny) last match on the roster and it was a fitting end

On the page it said Bonus match (reserved for Septic) so does that not give you a hint that it was not finished as when I finished the segment that said Destiny calls out Septic I removed the (reseverd for Septic) bit

If by some slim chance MTX does not remove your admin access then I shall have to live with it But I would Advise you NEVER to touch any of my work

As the Great One once said " Know your role and shut your Mouth , Jabronie"

SePtIcS gonna get ya !!!!!
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The King Of Gangsters

The King Of Gangsters

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PostSubject: Re: An Open Letter   An Open Letter Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 7:26 pm

Im Very sorry and to save MTX the trouble ill just unsuscribe... Im very sorry believe me... you can still hate me...

The More The Active The More The Chances !!!!
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An Open Letter
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