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 skullkings first mach

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PostSubject: skullkings first mach   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:47 am

Skullking enters the GMs office

Skullking: Hmmmm now lets see who should i go against to prove how Twisted Evil insane Twisted Evil i am first. Hmmm how about Yung$$. HA HA HA yes i will destroy him first

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PostSubject: Re: skullkings first mach   Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:39 am

The big chair behind the desk rotates round and Septic is sitting in it he leans forward put his elbows on the desk and rests his chin on his hands " well " he says " I dont know how you think it works around here fresh meat but generally we tell you who you will be fighting"

Skullking " Oh I'm , I'm just keen to get started and prove myself in my didvision"

Septic " well thats good we like keen around here but to prove yourself surely you should start from the top..... I will consider your first apponent and get back to you"

Skullking " But I...."

Septic " But nothing , anymore cheek from you and it will be Underb3st and we all know how that will end for you. Look, first you storm in here without so much as a knock and then you start demanding matches You're a lucky boy if MTX had been sitting here your first fight would of been right now and he would of bitch slapped you right back to the indies or wherever it is you came from ....... now go and dont let the door hit you on the ass on youre way out"

SePtIcS gonna get ya !!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: skullkings first mach   Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:58 am

Septic hears Stormcrash and Skullkings talking about something infront of his door.
the door opens and Stormcrash enters the gm office
Stormcrash : look no furder Septic I heard Skullkings is looking for a mach and i will be glad to give it to him
afterwich without asking grabs a cubin from a septic stash
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PostSubject: Re: skullkings first mach   

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skullkings first mach
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