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 request again

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The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

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PostSubject: request again   request again Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 3:51 pm

again The Toxic Avenger enters the ofice.

Septic is sitting behind MTXs desk and fills out some important formulars.

"hey there septic ... ehm i meant SIR ...
again i want to request a rematch for the evolution Title against that bi*** called saphire. and dont tell me i should be happy to be the tag champ with you . i know that it is a great honour but i cant let her go wit MY title !!!"

Septic leans back in his big armchair and begins to think about it
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PostSubject: Re: request again   request again Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 4:35 pm

Septic "Hey pall great match today , look you don't have to call me sir nor does anyone else, The thing is nobody has heard from Sapphire since she won the title and if I havent heard from her by Tuesday then I shall have to strip her of the title...."

Toxic " Well that is great news as number one contender I get it automatically"

Septic " I am affraid that it doesnt work like that old chum, if I strip her of the title it means we have to have a tournament to decide a new champion I hope you can understand that I cannot show any favouratism especially to my tag partner or i would be no better than Destiny Darstedly and G-spot Mutly678 "

Toxic " Well I guess I understand but..."

Septic " My advice to you is search for Sapphire and get her on the forum before tuesday and you'll get your match if not then I am affraid there will be a tournament to decide a new champion. Of Course you will be in the tournament and have as much chance of winning as every body else. Now I am really sorry but I have a hell of a lot to do considering I dont know if we'll have any fans in the building next Tuesday night after what happened today and if you see Farther Dowling on your way out can you send him straight in, Thanks"

Septic reaches for an ice pack for his aching head and returns to his mountain of paper work

SePtIcS gonna get ya !!!!!
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request again
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