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 guys lets clean this shit up

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PostSubject: guys lets clean this shit up   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:28 am

Guys in the absence of authority (MTX) this forum has gone to shit

. firstly we have messages , any personel stuff i.e messages to each other, this is were you do it

. I need 2 moderators to clean this crap up and to monitor rankings and the like. KOG youre in as youre application has been pending for some time but i need 2 more please apply below > this position will envolve monitoring the forum and deleting inapropriate material and moving posts to were they should be posted ie from rp to ooc

. from this moment on the RP areas are for RP only no ((((OOC )))) any OOC coments should be made in messages the RP areas will be used for segments , Promos even matches for the up coming shows (segment matches as previously discussed)

. please if we start a discussion in one forum do not carry it to other forums

. thanks for youre patience guys but we do need to cleen up our act a little including as previously discussed can we ( In the who are you section ) do our avatars in thumbnail after looking at other shows is anyone arty enough to put our avatars into a playing card format , what i would really like is like a Top Trumps kind of style wiyh our pictures at the top and some stats underneath

> I can if need be , when writing an official match change the names of the combatants i.e. lets say its Jimmy the big hit lee vs Troy i can change jimmys name to marabuntha but he will have jimmys finishing moves and taunts ( Jimmy would recieve the offical apearance fee but you would appear in the show) so i would like you all to edit the section that says list finishing moves to include what they say in a match ie Septic grabs his apponent by the throat and slams him to the mat perfectly exicuting a Mortal ?????? and when it says septic is about to perform his taunt Septic kisses his hand and slaps his own ass executing a kiss my ass mother fucker

I think its for the best for all of us that we all (including myself) learn to use the forum effectivly
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The King Of Gangsters

The King Of Gangsters

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PostSubject: Re: guys lets clean this shit up   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:52 pm


The More The Active The More The Chances !!!!
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PostSubject: Re: guys lets clean this shit up   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:53 pm

I guess I could clean things up a little as well.
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PostSubject: Re: guys lets clean this shit up   

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guys lets clean this shit up
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