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 What just happened here!

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Troy Hansen Jr.

Troy Hansen Jr.

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What just happened here! Empty
PostSubject: What just happened here!   What just happened here! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2008 5:42 pm

*Troy Hansen Jr. is walking through the car park after a hard days work without a match. There is an eerie silence, throughout the car park. Suddenly he hears a stone being kicked, over by some dark, mysterious shadows. pale Troy ups the pace as he hurries back to his motor. The paces behind him now quicken, and the panic is clear on Troy's face. He turns around and sees a masked man in the distance, and starts to run!*

Masked Man #1: Get him boys!

*Another masked man with an apparent acrobatic ability falls from the ceiling in front of him. Troy bundles him over and makes a run for his car. As he gets closer he sees someone get out of HIS car, and they too are masked!*

TH: Ohh shit!

*He turns to run the other way but the other masked men are now just a few feet behind him*

Masked Man #3: Right now it's time for your medicine!

Masked Man #2: Hey, Woah! Wait Boss wait! We've got the wrong one. It's Troy look.

Masked Man #1: Ugh, so it is. Sorry Troy, we thought you were someone else. Come on boys, back to starting positions! And you pick a different car!

*The three masked men disappear as Troy gets into his car. He breaths a huge sigh of relief. He starts talking to himself*

TH: God that was close! Hmm, I can't help but wonder why they left me though. If that was who I thought it was, why didn't they attack me anyway. Hmm, I'm just gonna get outta here quick!

*As Troy speeds off, Masked Man #3 walks over to #1.*

Masked Man #3: Well I think that went to plan didn't it!

Masked Man #1: Didn't it just.....
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What just happened here!
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