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 After Tuesdays Main show

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After Tuesdays Main show Empty
PostSubject: After Tuesdays Main show   After Tuesdays Main show Icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2008 2:41 pm

Stormcrash is standing in the parkinglot looking for his car scratching his head
" I know i parked it right here"

He hears a banging coming from a freazer truck so he goes over their the door is padlocked
Stormcrash " hey whos in there ?"

" its G-man get me the hell outta here its freezing i got jumped and bundled in here, ive got to get in the arena and help my buddy destiny or he´ll kick my ass"

Stormcrash " its too late he lost the match so its not good news for you im afraid ha ha"

G-man " thanks pal can you help me out though it is cold in here"

Stormcrash "´Hmmmm i´ll see what i can do "

As he turns around WALLOP he gets a smack right in the face as he goes down the stiff blows are raining down on him its De La Merta giving it to him without a single word hes punching and kicking Stormcrash into unconsciousness

Stormcrashs last view before he is out cold is KOG running out of the door De La Merta runs off with lowd bellowing laughter "Revenge is sweet he shouts"(in spanish)

KOG mops Stormcrash´s bloodied brow and gets his mobile to call an ambulance it arrives in moments and KOG acompanies Stormcrash in the ambulance

BANG BANG BANG "hey dude whats going on its frekin freezing in here are you still there oh God Heeeeellllllllpppppp mmmmmeeeeeeeeee"

Stormcrash battered , De La Merta involved??? , will G-man get out of the freezer truck or will he be a popsickle ???????
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After Tuesdays Main show
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