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XRW is where the members of the XRW roster are able to Roleplay and build up to their matches
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 An offer no one can refuse ...

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An offer no one can refuse ... Empty
PostSubject: An offer no one can refuse ...   An offer no one can refuse ... Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 9:07 pm

Destinys Messenger is trying to take a nap in the expensive leather chair of MTX, as someone knocks on the door.
D.M: Why is there always somebody that has to disturb me, when it does not fit me!!!? COME IN!!!

Marabuntha comes in, followed by two masked henchmen.

Marabuntha starts speaking with a threathening voice:
Setting up that tagmatch between team Troy and me, and KOG and you ... and then making the ref choose YOU GUYS AS THE WINNERS !!!!! .... It was absolutely brilliant!

Marabuntha starts laughing, a few moments later, Destinys Messenger joins the laugh.

Marabuntha : If you need us to do anything ... Just give us a yell will ya. I personally have been looking forward, to give that King of Wankers the beat-down, someone should have given him a long time ago. The title is almost yours boss.

An evil grin appears on Destinys Messengers face ...
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An offer no one can refuse ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: An offer no one can refuse ...   An offer no one can refuse ... Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 4:16 pm

Septic is standing outside listening to the conversation with a very worried look on his face "what the hell am i gonna do about this???" he thinks to him self " O shit did isay that out loud??" he says
" i know i'll............"
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An offer no one can refuse ...
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