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 Submitting Segments

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PostSubject: Submitting Segments   Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:56 pm

If anyone wishes to submit a segment for a show (which i strongly urge) then can you do so in the following way:

Write your segment as a message in this forum

Send it to the group "Moderators" whihc should be in the drop down box at the top underneath the username recipient

Any feedback we give you on your segments will be given through this forum
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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:16 pm

Im not finding that moderator group drop-down box thingy anywhere. I think I've applied to the group by accident when I clicked "Groups" on the top bar. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:42 pm

Same problem here ...
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Troy Hansen Jr.


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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:38 pm

Can't really put this anywhere else, so I assumed it would be okay to put it here. Here's a segment for you to use in Saturday's show, a thank you segment with MTX basically, although it does have a twist...

Troy Hansen's music hits the arena and the spotlights start circling the arena, before finally centering on the stage. Troy Hansen is standing on the stage and he is almost smartly dressed in a suit. He walks towards the ring as a clip of the highlights from last weeks victory play on the big screen behind him. He occasionally turns around looking at the screen, laughing and clapping himself.He now takes what looks like an autograph book for a young fan, and signs it for the youngster. Instead of giving it back he instead keeps it for himself putting it in his back trouser pocket.

He then finally makes his way to the ring, grabbing a microphone in the process.

Commentator 1: Doesn't he look smug this week 'commentator 2'?

Commentator 2: He does NOT look smug, he has a right to be impressed with last week's victory. He was in top form, and looked truly unstoppable. That's not smugness, that's confidence!

Commentator 1: Oh come on, anyone would think he's won the title already. He's gotta compete in the final yet, and if he keeps this up...

TH: Hey, woah woah woah, 'commentator 1', I'm speaking now, and these people wanna listen, because they know they're watching their next X-Rated Wrestling Champion!

*A chorus of boos come from around the arena, as Troy Hansen stands tall in the ring.

TH: Hey, you lot can shot up as well, I'm Texan, and you should listen to Texans, as they are the most important people to come out of the States!

*Yet more boos echo around the arena. Hansen gets angry.

TH: Hey woah, I'm important, so... so SHUT THE HELL UP!

*Even more boos

TH: The reason I'm out here is that I guess I got someone to thank for my opportunity last week. So I'm calling out MTX, so I can give him the credit he deserves, for taking the steps necessary to make me champion!

MTX's music hits the arena. He's getting a unusually mixed response, presumably for given Hansen his chance. He's looking his smart self in a suit and seems to be happy with himself. He gets into the ring and shakes Hansen firmly by the hand before asking for a microphone of his own.

Troy Hansen: Hey boss, you're a great man and I just wanted to give you a big thank you for my chance last week. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you so I need to thank you. I also want to add these fans should be thanking you as well, as you have got them one of the greatest wrestlers ever, and are putting on one hell of a show here!

Fans go to boo, but, change and start a chant of "X-R-W! X-R-W!".

Commentator 1: The fans may agree with him, but he's just kissing the GMs ass... What a jerk!

*TH looks to the commentator again

TH: Hey, you you're talking over me AGAIN. Do you want me to come over there and kick your ass?

MTX: Hey woah man calm down, you're a great wrestler and all, but, you need to control that temper of yours. You had a good match last week, I was impressed. You are a fine athlete and I wish you success in the future, but please, just don't go attacking any commentators, or fans. Oh and stop kissing my ASS!

MTX's music hits as he drops the microphone. He leaves the ring with Troy Hansen standing there. He's dissappointed with the GM's reaction, but he's not going to get aggressive as he knows the power of the GM. He just accepts it and walks out to gestures from the crowd.

Commentator 2: Hey, man he is aggressive, he doesn't repress anger, so he's going to release at some stage tonight.

**Subject to changes from MTX**
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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:50 pm

Got to thank you for this Troy,

Now I have an idea of what is expected from us when making a segment.
I think (and I know) it will inspire a lot of other players, I know it will inspire me.

so ... thanx Smile
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Justin Case


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PostSubject: A segment for the masses...   Fri Jun 13, 2008 12:29 am

((I thought I'd drop a segment for this week, or next week, permitting on the time for this week's show, show please forgive me because just is about to I think, tease at everyone on the roster... ach, I can't control my hands!!!))

Interviewer: I'm here with one of the freshest faces on X-Rated Wrestling, Justin Case!

*pans over to the left, Justin smiles at the camera*

Case: Hello world, hello fans! And hello, Mr. ((or Ms. Interviewer, dunno which one we're going with here)) Interviewer... you're looking great today.

Inter: Justin, word around the locker room is that you can't seem to buy a victory... are you currently getting frustrated with loss after loss?

*Justin continues smiling not missing a beat*

Case: Well, I don't think victories and defeats matter in the eyes of the fans, as long as they get their money's worth each and every week. After all, they are paying our salaries, it's or obligation and love for them that keep us striving to give them the quality performance they crave and desire.

Inter: Well, rumor has it you have your eye on a certain title, is that true?

*Case seems taken aback a bit, but smiles and looks at the camera*

Case: Well, if the fans want it, I'd love a title shot... but there's alot of quality wrestlers here that deserve one as well. It doesn't matter who my next match is against...

Case: I've thrown down the gauntlet... be it against the human eating machine Titanictus, Chris Tater Tot, Ultimate Roarior, Rocky wannabe, Toxic Plunger, Septic tank, Daddy Death Care, Devilboy, Death4mv... hmm, we have alot of Death guys on this show... heck, even the vice GM and his flunky that spend a little too much quality time together, It just doesn't matter who wants to challenge me, I'll put on the best performance I can, and they better put on the best show they can, because I came to play... and so they better have as well.

Commentator 1: I don't know if Justin's cocky, or just arrogant.

Commentator 2: I think he's just oblivious to the fact he challenged about half the roster to a match!

Case: Now, if you don't mind. I have a date with Fate... she's this little dancer I met at a local club... uhm... take care, fans... I'll be watching you like you'll be watching us!!

*Case turns and leaves, leaving the interviewer just staring at the screen alone*

((Hope this didn't offend anyone... and of course something like this will need to be modified slightly by ya'll Smile ))
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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:16 pm

hi guys, thank you for the segments, in future send them to me in a message please
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PostSubject: Re: Submitting Segments   

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Submitting Segments
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