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XRW is where the members of the XRW roster are able to Roleplay and build up to their matches
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 Funny Entrance From KOG

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The King Of Gangsters

The King Of Gangsters

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Funny Entrance From KOG Empty
PostSubject: Funny Entrance From KOG   Funny Entrance From KOG Icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2008 10:49 pm

Deep in the parking lot of X-Rated Wrestling a new unfamilliar car makes a stylish entrance...

The doors of this fresh new bugatti veyron swings open... Out steps a 6'6 230lbs man

elephant clown The wierdo jumps around infront of the cameras and starts talking to it... clown elephant

KOG: "Ooh, Ooh... My name is The King king Of Gangsters afro ... But you can call me K.O.G... Plus If Anyone is caught calling me Alfie ... ill kick there but! Very Happy...

The Wierd man skips off to get his hands on some yummy yummy FOOD!

The More The Active The More The Chances !!!!
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Funny Entrance From KOG
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