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XRW is where the members of the XRW roster are able to Roleplay and build up to their matches
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PostSubject: Retribution   Retribution Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 12:31 pm

MTX is in the parking lot with Rampage, MTX looks infuriated and mutters to Rampage:

"I always promised I would be a fair general manager on the condition that everyone around me was fair, Troy was cheated out of that title, I know he should of won as well as the remainder of the roster, it seems that the Destiny, G-man, Skiellor, and Marabuntha are becoming bigger thorns in my side by the day, well I still have some surprises up my sleeve, and when i help troy get his rematch, i will enforce the match personally to make sure it is a 'fair' match with no one getting involved.."

Rampage looks to MTX and trys to calm him down

"Boss, why d'ya think Marabuntha does it, he wants the attention, he wants to be centre stage but he knows that although he is good, he cannot beat the likes of you or Troy, but if it wasn't for you relenquishing your position, you could be the one who had to go to the physio, anyways, lets get on with what we're here to do, you car is in the impound, no one can get to it..."

MTX and Rampage walk up to a car, the license plate is 'Mara8unt4a'

MTX gives a Hardcore Destiny Kick through the glass and through one of the passenger doors, MTX and Rampage procede to destroy it with two sledgehammers, after the work is done MTX makes his way back to the office whispering:

"Is all we have to do is wait.."
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