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 Seizing the moment. A Sk1ellor sized moment...

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Troy Hansen Jr.

Troy Hansen Jr.

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Seizing the moment. A Sk1ellor sized moment... Empty
PostSubject: Seizing the moment. A Sk1ellor sized moment...   Seizing the moment. A Sk1ellor sized moment... Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2008 1:28 pm

*Troy Hansen is walking through the car park as he arrives to train in preparation for his eventual re-match. As he walks through the shadows he sees Marabuntha and Sk1ellor conversing next to a cab. Both laugh before Marabuntha gets in the cab and speeds off. Sk1ellor walks back towards the inside of the building, and notices someone following him. BANG! The camera looks down to the floor. Sk1ellor is on the floor covered in blood after being hit with a traffic cone. Hansen further continues a beat down on SK1ellor before leaving him motionless in the middle of a parking space. He chucks a business card on top of him and bends over:

TH: My revenge has just started! Prepare for a life of hell freak!
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Seizing the moment. A Sk1ellor sized moment...
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