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 Justin's return...

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Justin Case

Justin Case

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Justin's return... Empty
PostSubject: Justin's return...   Justin's return... Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 11:03 pm

*Jane shakes her head, looking in dismay at him* Well, they've cleared you to compete, but I'm not exactly sure you should attempt it.

*Justin smiles* Hey, you should know by now we professional competitors are hard-headed and stubborn as all hell.

*Jane smirks* You? Stubborn? Not a chance... would you also please stop inviting people to check up on you? I don't know how many kids and single mothers I've had to kick out of here.

*Justin's eyes play a devilish tune as he leans into her* Aww... you weren't jealous, were you?

*Jane smacks him on the face* Are you kidding? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

*Justin appears hurt, more emotionally that phycially* Aww... you didn't have to insult me, you know.

*Jane laughs, then shakes her head, pointing toward the door* Just... just go. The last thing I need is for you to be lying around because of a bruised ego.

*Justin smiles, and walks toward the door* Take care then... I'm off to win a title.
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Justin's return...
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